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"I loved it! While enlightening us to the histories of our beloved Broadway theaters, Dan tells of his funny personal encounters with the many stars who passed through his stage door, giving us a fun, fast read that shares with us his dedication to and love of theatre."

—Tony Award-winning Broadway Legend Priscilla López

My name is Dan Landon, and I was a Broadway theatre manager for 37 years. I worked on fifty shows. Over 9000 performances. 

This is my love letter to Broadway, and all the stars and luminaries my job allowed me to meet and know…

Whoopi Goldberg. Bob Fosse. Ian McKellan. Bernadette Peters. Robert De Niro. August Wilson. Alec Baldwin. Kathleen Turner. Jessica Lange. Maggie Smith. Judi Dench. Mikail Baryshnikov. Madeline Kahn. Paul McCartney. Stephen Sondheim. Tom Stoppard. David Mamet. Presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter. Hillary Clinton. Al Pacino. Richard Dreyfuss. Patti LuPone. Philip Seymour Hoffman. Daniel Craig. Lin-Manuel Miranda. Denzel Washington.

In these pages you’ll meet them, too, as they wait in the wings, glow in the spotlight, and take their bows. 

FROM THE BACK OF THE HOUSE will be available starting June 13.

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