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LETTERS TO JIM: Memoir of a 40-Year Love Story

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Dear Jim,

This morning, for the first time in 40 years, I woke up, and you didn't. 

How could you leave me? Now I have all this time that I don't know what to do with. 

Life feels like tissue. Thin and easily torn. 

I'm writing you because when I talk to the empty house I feel crazy. But somehow writing makes it feel like I'm actually talking to you. 

This morning when I awoke, I pulled out the letter you wrote me all those years ago, the one I always keep in my wallet. I read it and cried. But I could hear your voice. 

So maybe, even up there in Heaven where I can't see you, as I write you a letter, you can hear me, too. 

Your Dearest Darling, 


LETTERS TO JIM is an epistolary memoir and real-time meditation on love and grief, romance and mourning.

Created from actual letters Estrella Engelhardt wrote to her departed soulmate, LETTERS TO JIM confronts the most difficult questions that arise when those we love are taken from us.

While answers to such questions are few, the story of Jim and Estrella will leave you uplifted, hopeful, and perhaps a few steps further along your own journey of healing.


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Bill K.

Verified Buyer

1 year ago

A wonderful tale of love. The author's presentation is most comforting for those in grief.

A comforting tale of love and loss.

Mary Lu C.

Verified Buyer

1 year ago

Excellent! Have already purchased it as a gift to a relative who just lost a beloved spouse!

So much heart-felt sharing of deep grief and love! And seeing Estrella's growth into acceptance and new-found desire to continue on without Jim's physical presence was inspirational. She discovered that her 'new normal' life could still be rich and challenging, and that Jim would always be with her, overshadowing her with his love and wisdom. I wish my own Mother could have read this after my Dad died--I believe it would have helped her so much. Every grief counseling center should have this book on their recommended A-list.

Doug F.

1 year ago

Love, grief and hope

I just finished Letters to Jim. The book touched me on many levels and some of those levels can’t be expressed with words.

You painted a beautiful picture of a very special love and had the courage to share your grief with the world on a very personal level. This book is going to help MANY people feel that they aren’t alone during one of the lowest points of their life.

The best part of your book was the last chapter - I closed the book and felt hope, as if Jim were saying to all of us “This chapter has concluded… but look ahead at what comes next!!”

Thank you so much for sharing your journey. Your book is brilliant!