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My name is Bob Danna. 

I wouldn’t have written this memoir ten years ago. This collection of stories, reflections, calls to action, and hard-earned insights is a direct response to a very particular stimulus: my grandkids.

Their physical presence the last few years has changed me. The curiosity that comes so naturally to them—to all children, really—brings me immeasurable joy. But I fear their curiosity will be squashed out of them by the pressures of this accelerating world, and this would be an incalculable loss. 

Because I have found that curiosity drives all aspects of a happy and fulfilled life.

I have so much to tell them, so much to teach them. What if I’m gone before they are old enough to understand? That’s why I’m writing all this down. 

I know what I look like. I know that many today would dismiss me as “just another Boomer.” I’d hate to think my grandkids would do the same.

My name is Bob Danna.

And I am not who you think I am.

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