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These poems are the result of having been submerged in flames.

Losing my Uncle. Facing my first heartbreak. Adjusting to adulthood.

Finding these words cleansed my open wounds.

Shaping these words empowered me to embrace myself anew.

Sharing these words… heals.

May these poems inspire you to a similar journey.

--Marc D. Johnson, Jr.

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Customer Reviews


1 year ago

Very beautiful and truthful

This book is very beautiful and well written, I think everyone can relate to at least one poem in here. I love the honesty and truthfulness behind his journey and sharing where he’s been and the growth since then. The pictures are a beautiful addition to the words and bring the entire vision together! This was a very lovely read and I definitely recommend it - especially to those that want to put words to how they’re feeling as this book is very relatable. Great job on this Marc!!