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Our mission is three-fold.

  • To publish and promote books that entertain, provoke, inspire, comfort, and educate.
  • To seek out independent authors of diverse backgrounds and varied points of view who believe in the power of the human species to evolve for the better.
  • To support those authors as they write that evolution into existence.

The ibis is an animal sacred to Thoth, the Egyptian god of learning, inventor of language, and scribe to the gods. Ibises heavily populate the Gulf Coast of Florida, where IBIS BOOKS is headquartered. And ibises are legendary for their courage. 

Our Principles and Core Values

  • To encourage high-quality books and to support our authors, we operate on a 50-50 profit share model. This royalty rate is far beyond that offered in corporate publishing.
  • We charge a fair price for our books. Authors deserve compensation for their work, as do publishers. When you break down the value–hours of entertainment or education per dollar–the reader is getting huge bang for their buck.

  • We give authors an equal say on the details of their book, including layout, title, and cover. This is to empower the author and help them retain a feeling of control and ownership over their creation.
  • Ibis Books is a sole proprietorship. Also a “soul” proprietorship. Also, while Ibis works with multiple freelance designers, the company is also a “solo” proprietorship. We keep expenses low and give half the profit to the author.

  • We pay any and all debts promptly. Do unto others.
  • We keep our books in print and available as long as possible. By operating primarily as a digital and print-on-demand company, we avoid the practice of “remaindering,” which is what happens when a publisher gives up on a book and sells off the remaining inventory to a discount seller. Again, this is to financially support our authors as faithfully as possible.